Kaddan is dedicated to improving the in-ear headphone user experience

The company owns a portfolio of patents and related trademarks which it licenses to headphone and accessory manufacturers.

We collaborate with our partners to implement our unique solution to earphone management — Quik Clik ® magnets.

Our key innovation is magnetic earbuds that connect when not in use: Click to wear them around your neck, click to hang them from a device or click to keep them from tangling in your pocket.

Whether incorporating the feature in an existing product line or creating a new product entirely, we will work with you to address your users’ specific needs.

Issued patents

US 7,436,974
US 7,693,295
US 8,189,843
US 8,798,305
US 8,976,993
Other patents pending


Quik Clik
(registration number: 4505978)

Other registered trademarks pending